“Winners Never Quit – Quitters Never Win”

  • Be a Leader! Not a Follower!

It is a Complete People Management book. It is a unique contribution conveying a valuable message for people leaders. It is thought provoking and Inspiring, giving time tested, proven practical ideas and tips for leading and managing people succesfully. Be a leader! Not a follower is written in easy, simple and lucy language, lavishly decorated with meaningful illustrations to make reading fun while imparting principles.

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  • Welcome to Success! Farewell to Failure!

The book “Welcome to Success! Farewell to Failure!” is a
complete self development book. It is a unique contribution
conveying a valuable message for self-improvement. It is thought
provoking and ethical inspiring, giving time tested, proven
practical ideas and tips for leading a successful and meaningful
life which is not only entertaining but also instructive.
Welcome to Success! Farewell to Failure! 

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Class Room Comedy

Student : Excuse me, madam.      Teacher : Why have you come late again?                                 Student : Madam you have told us that we have to follow the traffic rules.                                        Teacher : Yes, so what?         Student : I have seen a traffic sign board which says “school zone go slow”.

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Poems De’ Pattar

Love Me, Leave Me Not

When I approach you                  You reproach me                      When I give you appointment      You give me disappointment When I like talking                        You start fighting                     When I understand you           You misunderstand me         When I appreciate                      You depreciate                          When I show expression           You show depression            When I want to be your pair      You make me despair            When I want to make it             You want to break it              When I try to make you feel better                                                   You make me feel bitter           When I want a positive trip       You want a negative grip        When I want to hold your love You want to withhold my love When I want empathy                You show sympathy                When I give you nurture          You give me torture                 When I want to love                   You want to leave Dear,                 If you love me Let me know Or, Let me go

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Make your life a simpler and stress free
In my career of 20 years I have seen that people are getting very busy with their work as they do not have to enjoy their social life. I feel that humor plays quite important role in everyone life. to make your life stress free you must read out some jokes or connect with some comedy TV series.

I am poetry lover and I found poetry of Dr. Vishwanand Pattar quite amazing and appealing. He has
written uncountable poems on various niches. I am a big fan of him as I have learnt many things from his

Dr. Vishwanand Pattar is quite experienced person and I have learnt many more things by him during my
counseling classes. Thank you really sir for boosting self confidence in me.

I am very thankful to Dr. Vishwanand Pattar for giving me an amazing guidance which boosts my career
and right now I am doing my best. If you are confused in choosing your career then you can ask to Dr.
Vishwanand Pattar now! He is always available for us.

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