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Dr. Vishwanand Pattar is an internationally cheered Talent Development Leader.  He is an inspiration. He is an Educator, Leadership Coach, Competency Development Specialist and a very well sought-after gimmick speaker. He is
widely recognized for his motivational speaks, and is beloved bypeople for providing them encouragement to learn their true potential.

Dr. Pattar is respected by the very lovers of book readers. He is the author of very well known book “Welcome to Success, Farewell to failure”, which is based on the personal leadership development. This book has benefitted to millions of people till now, and still counting more. Readers love his writings. His other grand book is “Be a Leader, not a Follower”. This book is a
motivation for common people, who are not very confident on their own self, and feels to follow other people, but somewhere is willing to stand out of the crowd too. This book is highly
motivational to them.

His other well pride work includes the books – Classroom Comedy, Management Mantras and            Poem-de-Pattar.

So, he is well expertise in all forms of writing too. Dr. Pattar had spent almost 20 years of working in the Human Resource Organization and still counting on. He is a man with charm, a
true speaker, a loud motivator and a self learner.

He had spells in fields such as Pharmaceutical, Information Technology, Publishing, Infrastructure, Construction, Manufacturing, Agriculture and Biological Sector.

Dr. Pattar has been recognized by various awards and trademarks for his
work. He is a man who can make others to fulfill their dreams
with his own dreams.

Best Sellers


“Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win”. This book is an international
edition which provides step by step preparation for Success and
Happiness. Vishwa wrote this book while considering all his real life
experiences and the book has many interesting anecdotes and


If one wants to accomplish his/her dream of becoming a Leader but
unknowingly, in doubt, is following the lead of other individuals, than
this book will definitely nourishes him/her. This book provides the
methodology for keeping optimistic attitude even in bad times though.
A very renowned leadership book by Vishwa.


This book is designed for those people who wish to become better at
their respective jobs by keeping their employees cheerful, peaceful,
consistent and motivated. How a normal person can maintain an
abnormal relationship with his work and his employees, is what is
explained in this book.


Books never lie. They speak the truth. Vishwa believes in truth. The outstanding books by Vishwa are..

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I would like to thank Dr. Vishwanand Pattar for giving ne proper guidance for my startup. Today I can
able to start my business just because of him. If you also want some leadership guidance then you must talk to him.

–  Venkata Praveen thtota

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July 23, 2018

Bloom, Book Signing • San Francisco, CA

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August 10, 2018

Draft, Book Reading • Los Angeles, CA

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