Dr.Vishwanand Pattar

Dr. Vishwanand Pattar is an internationally cheered Talent
Development Manager, recently engaged with DuPont Pioneer
Hi-Bred International Inc. He is an inspiration. He is an
Educator, Leadership Coach, Competency Development
Specialist and a very well sought-after gimmick speaker.

Dr.Vishwanand Pattar

He iswidely recognized for his motivational speaks, and is beloved by
people for providing them encouragement to learn their true potential.


  • Be a Leader! Not a Follower!

It is a Complete People Management book. It is a unique contribution conveying a valuable message for people leaders. It is thought provoking and Inspiring, giving time tested, proven practical ideas and tips for leading and managing people succesfully. 

  • Welcome to Success! Farewell to Failure!

The book “Welcome to Success! Farewell to Failure!” is a
complete self development book. It is a unique contribution
conveying a valuable message for self-improvement


  • Class Room Comedy

Student : Excuse me, madam

Teacher : Why have you come late again? 

Student : Madam you have told us that we have to follow the traffic rules.                                      

  • Poems De’ Pattar 
  • When I Approach you
  • You Repraoch me
  • When I give you appointment
  • You give me Dissappoint


Last month I connected to Dr. Vishwanand Pattar, he is really fabulous. After my 12 exams I was really confused about my career and he helped me out to choose the best career platform. I am really thankful to him for proper guidance.


Student, Osmania University

I am running a firm and look up for some leadership articles that will help me to boost my business. Once I stuck with Dr. Vishwanand Pattar’s articles. I found his articles very helpful in business growth and making business strategic.

T. Mallikarjun


Are you looking for someone that helps you to boost your career? I am thankful to Dr. Vishwanand Pattar as he sit he is the one who shows you the right path in your career. He is there to give you the best guidance.


HR Professional , Training Consultant

I am poetry lover and I found poetry of Dr. Vishwanand Pattar quite amazing and appealing. He has written uncountable poems on various niches. I am a big fan of him as I have learnt many things from his poetry.

P Srinivas Prasad


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